Wesleyan Potters Annual Sale

Friday, November 27, 2015


             Wesleyan Potters Annual Sale 60th Year 2015

There is a lot to be said about those who create and those who buy and appreciate hand made hand crafted items.

On the creative side I can say there is an inner motivation and creative force that continuously propels my work forward. I feel a strong drive to create work, share ideas with other artists and to teach what I have been developing with other people.  Less often we talk about the people who appreciate, love and purchase our work.  It is important to bring them into our dialog because without their input and support our art centers and studios would not be self supporting. It is as important to find fullfillment and happiness in owning, using and living with art as it is to create it - it is a symbiotic relationship.

Each year Wesleyan Potters the co-op I belong to completely deconstructs it's studio and turns itself into a huge gallery. This year is our 60th such celebration. This is no small undertaking and takes place over a period of weeks - it is an amazing transformation. 

Please join us for our 60th Annual Sale!  This year I have Ceramics, Jewelry and Cards in the sale...see you there.

350 South Main Street, Middletown, CT 06457 860.347.5925





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