Spring and the Season of Renewal

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Soar 16"x20" Mixed Media on Canvas Marcy LaBella 2016

Emerging from Winters Grip

Though I haven't exactly been hibernating,I am more than ready to come out of the winter, which I consider to be a cold and dark season.  I tend to keep a very busy schedule over the winter because I find myself wanting to tuck in and hibernate.  

I had a full teaching schedule this winter, 3 childrens classes and one fabulous adult class in ceramic sculpture.  I met some really wonderful women in my ceramics class and we did some really great work together.

I find that I need to re-committ myself to my blog posts and to being present here at least 2 times a month to update what is going on in with my own work and with what I am doing with my students. 

 Spring time is such a great time to re-committ to any spiritual and creative work.  I find that you cannot separate the two - creative work always comes from within and carries the deepest parts of ourselves and contains the spiritual whether we intend it to or not. Art and creative work such as music, poetry, dance, and performing arts are soul work and need continuous observation, feeding, tending, weeding out and re-seeding.

Nature Spirit Ceramic, cone 6, slips engobes Marcy LaBella 2016

Like a garden over winter, creatives have down times and periods of hibernation, rebirth and renewal.  Using these lulls to do necessary studio chores, sketch out ideas for the future and explore new materials leaves one ready for periods of what I like to call frantic art making. One important thing I have learned is to keep the work going even during down times, you cannot improve on nothing. Doing something creative everyday is akin to planting seeds.

Know that when you feel as though you are in a creative slump or a period of non-creativity, you are just like a seed, deep in the ground, germinating and getting ready to burst forth with creative life.





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