New Year New Beginnings

Monday, January 9, 2017

New Year New Beginnings

Mind Mapping Journal Paper, Ink on Paper, Watercolor 2017 

I guess I'm not really the typical New Years Resolution type person - I live my life in a much more organic kind of way normally but sometimes I really try to focus my goals and get type A-ish about stuff and the New Year always seems like a good time to do some serious goal setting. 

I started thinking about goals for my art journey and business and want I wanted to acomplish this year.  I will say that last year was a hard one because my father was extremely ill and passed from cancer and dementia.  Understandably it was a set back and I was kind to myself and felt lucky to be able to be flexible enough with my work that I could spend the time with my family over those months. 

Rilke Quote - Pen and Ink on Paper, Marcy LaBella 2017

As I began to think about the different things I wanted to do and the goals I have set for myself it's become clear that I really need to be specific about things if I want them to happen. I want to do more writing, so I have outlines and ideas for several articles to submit and the publication guidelines for publications I am submitting to.  I went over my classes and added new ones to offer, re-wrote discriptions and added some new adult workshops. I completely overhauled my Etsy Shop that has been lying dormant for a few years.  It has been so easy to just lie back and sell through galleries that I haven't been pushing my online sales but I really need to get back in the game.  I am narrowing my focus within the mediums I work with, clay, mixed media paint and jewelry and setting my studio, web and writing schedule to keep on track.

Image taken from my 2017 Vision Board and DIgitally Altered

I am compiling images, empowering words, drawings, and the like to create a large 2017 Vision Board.  This will be an ongoing project for my studio wall and I plan to keep it going all year - adding to it and keeping it going and alive with ideas.  I did this Ink and Watercolor piece inspired by project presented by the very talented Misty Mawn in her workshop Make/Do/Art. I recently signed up for this class and am enjoying it very much.  I love her classes and she has wonderful projects and content.  I thoroughly enjoyed her class Art Entwined which is also still available. Find Make/Do/Art here.

Rilke Quote - Digitally Altered

I am enjoying the process of getting back to daily drawing and love the process of taking simple contour drawings in pencil over to ink and coloring them simply with just watercolor - or digitally altering them with photo apps.  This is something I've been playing with for sometime and I've been toying with adding some prints and cards with drawings and quotes I really like into a line of contemporary female portrait drawings with quotes that are uplifting or those that make you think.

So I guess even a typical Type B, creative person needs a little goal setting and focus occasionally.  I have learned from my  online coach/mentor/goddess Leonie Dawson that setting goals, writing them down and defining the steps you need to do to acomplish them is the way to success - we will see!  



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