New Year New Beginnings

Monday, January 9, 2017

New Year New Beginnings

Mind Mapping Journal Paper, Ink on Paper, Watercolor 2017 

I guess I'm not really the typical New Years Resolution type person - I live my life in a much more organic kind of way normally but sometimes I really try to focus my goals and get type A-ish about stuff and the New Year always seems like a good time to do some serious goal setting. 

I started thinking about goals for my art journey and business and want I wanted to acomplish this year.  I will say that last year was a hard one because my father was extremely ill and passed from cancer and dementia.  Understandably it was a set back and I was kind to myself and felt lucky to be able to be flexible enough with my work that I could spend the time with my family over those months. 

Rilke Quote - Pen and Ink on Paper, Marcy LaBella 2017

As I began to think about the different things I wanted to do and the goals I have set for myself it's become clear that I really need to be specific about things if I want them to happen. I want to do more writing, so I have outlines and ideas for several articles to submit and the publication guidelines for publications I am submitting to.  I went over my classes and added new ones to offer, re-wrote discriptions and added some new adult workshops. I completely overhauled my Etsy Shop that has been lying dormant for a few years.  It has been so easy to just lie back and sell through galleries that I haven't been pushing my online sales but I really need to get back in the game.  I am narrowing my focus within the mediums I work with, clay, mixed media paint and jewelry and setting my studio, web and writing schedule to keep on track.

Image taken from my 2017 Vision Board and DIgitally Altered

I am compiling images, empowering words, drawings, and the like to create a large 2017 Vision Board.  This will be an ongoing project for my studio wall and I plan to keep it going all year - adding to it and keeping it going and alive with ideas.  I did this Ink and Watercolor piece inspired by project presented by the very talented Misty Mawn in her workshop Make/Do/Art. I recently signed up for this class and am enjoying it very much.  I love her classes and she has wonderful projects and content.  I thoroughly enjoyed her class Art Entwined which is also still available. Find Make/Do/Art here.

Rilke Quote - Digitally Altered

I am enjoying the process of getting back to daily drawing and love the process of taking simple contour drawings in pencil over to ink and coloring them simply with just watercolor - or digitally altering them with photo apps.  This is something I've been playing with for sometime and I've been toying with adding some prints and cards with drawings and quotes I really like into a line of contemporary female portrait drawings with quotes that are uplifting or those that make you think.

So I guess even a typical Type B, creative person needs a little goal setting and focus occasionally.  I have learned from my  online coach/mentor/goddess Leonie Dawson that setting goals, writing them down and defining the steps you need to do to acomplish them is the way to success - we will see!  




The new year and new

The new year and new beginnings for typical New Years resolution type person and more about goals accomplish this year. Great job, keep follow the dissertation help service uk site and perfect chances about flexible enough with my work that should be perfect.

I started thinking about

I started thinking about goals for my art journey and business and want I wanted to acomplish this year. Bing Ads coupon Code I am hoping the same best work from you in the future as well.

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