Making Art With Children

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Making Art With Children with Marcy LaBella
Creative Painting class inspired by the work of Gordon Hopkins. 

Cups in a Striped Field by Eve - age 6

Making art with Children

Making Art With Children with Marcy LaBella from Marcy LaBella on Vimeo.

This little video vlog was made by me in my painting for kids class.  I love painting with children because I get a window into their unaltered and pure streaming creative process. I started our class yesterday by sharing the work of Gordon Hopkins.  They loved seeing his bright colors and simplified shapes.  I had some still life images but the girls were drawn to his cup and bowl pieces so we decided to use those as inspiration.  I am so happy that I work for art centers where there are hand crafted bowls and cups just everywhere to use.  The kids can hold, touch and feel them in their hands and look at them for inspiration for drawing.  So different from the mass produced wares that are more commonly found today.  

Prilimanary Sketch - Cups Lily age 6



We started by practicing cup shapes and then by drawing them on a big piece of water color paper. First in pencil and then in pastel.  We devided our page to create abstract color breaks.  I did not limit colors but told them to be creative and to divide the pages and choose the colors they loved.  I love the results!

Cups Floating in a field of Pie Shapes - Chloe age 6

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