Making Art With Children

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Making Art with Children

Flowers in a Vase by Samantha age 6 Oil Pastel, Acrylic on Paper

The non-profit arts center where I work takes a long break over the holiday season.  It almost seems like too long a break sometimes even though I love having the time to finish up my holiday wares, put in time at my co-op's annual holiday sale and refocus my goals for my own work for the upcoming year.

Van Gogh Inspired Winter Trees by Caleb 2nd Grade Oil Pastel and Acrylic on Paper

 I really miss working with the kids and was so glad to finally get back to classes this week.  This semester I have two Kindergarten through grade 2 classes running, my favorite age.  They are so open, ready and free about creating at this age and can't wait to start working on whatever I throw at them. 

Winter Trees, Inspired by Van Gogh by Elio, Kindergarten, Oil Pastel and Acrylic on Paper

Monday's class was more then half full of exuberant boys but thankfully ones who LOVE making art.  It was hard to get them to focus after a full day at school but they all managed to pull off wonderful Van Gogh inspired winter tree paintings.  We talked a bit about Van Gogh and his process, his use of impasto and his textural mark making.  We mimicked this with staccato marks in Oil Pastel and followed up by using watered down acrylic paint to finish our work..AMAZING See more in the gallery of children's art work on this site.

Flowers in a Vase by Eve, Kindergarten, Oil Pastel and Acrylic Paint

Tuesday's class was comprised of 5 young ladies of the same age group, all in grades kindergarten through 2nd grade. They created gorgeous still life paintings of flowers in a vase.  First they drew very lightly with pencil and then with oil pastel to create dynamic marks.  We finished up with expressive watercolor.  I told the girls to be creative with colors and they were!  I love these so much.

Claire age 8 Flowers in a Vase, Oil Pastel and Acrylic on Paper

I am always blown away by the creativity and sensitivity of the work my young students create.  It amazes me and I love watching them work and engage in the process drawing and painting. We can learn so much by watching the effortless way that kids immerse themselves in art making. They don't spend time agonizing over which colors to use or if they made the wrong mark and miraculously everything works. I love children's art for it's innocence and unintentional sophistocation.


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