Making Art With Children

Friday, July 22, 2016

Making Art with Children

Sgraffito Tiles 


Grace age 5


Every summer I teach week long camps for kids at Guilford Art Center in the shoreline town of Guilford, CT.  The kids that come to the center in the summer are from all over the country because sometimes they are visiting grandparents, or come to Guilford because their families might own a beach house, or because they are on vacation and they can drive to our facility from a town that is just too far away during the school year.  

Sophia age 7

I am always amazed at how the kids are so shy in the first part of the first day, but after we go outside for a brief break time and rejuvinating snack and playtime - they come in full of laughter and with new friendships just formed. By the last day there are hugs, playdates to make and promises to keep in touch.

Miles age 5

Children are so open to experiencing new ideas, friends, concepts and dive right into art processes without any fear of failure which make them sentive intuitive artists.  I teach adults as well and they are often so full of fear that you will never see in kids. Young children don't worry about ruining their art, using the wrong color, making the wrong line or any of the things that paralize the adults I work with.  They are completely in the moment and engaged in the activity and process of making. I try to bring that attitude forward into my own work and remember to leave room for surprises.

Alyssa age 7

This week in my clay camp for  K - 2 grade we did many wonderful projects.  The pictures I am sharing here are of Sgraffito Tiles.  I demonstrated quickly by using a big brush using bright underglaze colors on pre-rolled terra cotta clay tiles. We talked about the term Sgraftitto which comes to us from the Italian word, Graffiare (to scratch).  After brushing on the colors loosely, I defined the shapes in my picture with a pointed clay tool.  These are only a few of the fabulous tiles we made this week. LOVE!


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