Making Art With Children

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Not only do I love teaching children especially the kindergarten through 2nd grade level I normally work with...I just really find their art inspirational.  Kids are just so free and expressive about creating art at this age, they have no judgement about mark making, color choices and they work with complete abandon.  It is very magical to watch their process which is completely and totally uninhibited. The regularly tell me how great they are at art which makes me giggle and of course I always agree with them.  I see so many adults who are terrified to do anything without help,  without asking, or without an instructor hovering over them.  Kids can't even wait for the instructions before they are ready to dive in.

 Here are some recent pieces inspired by Paul Klee's Cats...acrylic paintings on paper and some lovely clay pieces painted in acrylic paint as well. These were created in my Kids do the Masters and Exploratory Art classes at the Guilford Art Center So lovely - I hope you agree. Kids are aged 5, 6, 7 just wow.







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