It's a Gift

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Finding Peace Mixed Media 16"x20" on canvas Marcy LaBella 2016

How many times as artists have we heard that creativity or artistic talent is a gift? Honestly I"ve heard it many times through the years and it was only when I got to college that I realized that you could actually LEARN to draw and SEE. This astounded me as I always believed you either had it or you didn’t.  I was immediately was blown away by this idea that art and creative ability was something that was not only something some people had a natural aptitude for, but that it was also something that could be learned and accessed by anyone with an interest who wanted to spend the time to learn it  and practice.  I immediately wanted to be able to help others to unlock this ability and find joy in creativity.


Crown and Rose 12"x12" Mixed Media on Canvas Marcy LaBella

Over the years I took my natural ability and worked very hard to further develop my skills in drawing, painting, ceramics and metals.


What I have found over the years is that the true gift in creativity is not the ability to create but what the process of creating gives back to the artist. 

Pink Blossoms in a Vase 2016 Marcy LaBella

12"x12" Mixed Media on Canvas

During difficult and stressful times I always have my work to turn to, it gives me a place to put my focus, relieves stress and anxiety and gives me a place to channel energy and process all manner of issues that arise in the course of being human. That is the true gift to all creative people, the place to process the stuff of life through their art form, and not the ability itself.  If you never sell a piece of work, if you sing and no one hears, if you dance and no one sees, write something that no one reads but yourself – do it anyway – you will reap the rewards 1000 times over – allowing yourself to be creative is a gift to yourself.






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