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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Winter Bird Series - Acrylic Mixed Media 12"x12" 2016

Marcy LaBella


Winter is fast approaching and with it come the holidays and for most artists and crafters the busiest time of the year.  With the end of fall classes it was time to say goodbye to my students until January just as they were still excitedly discussing superhero costumes and halloween candy and looking forward to Santa's upcoming visit.

In the mean time I been involved in frantic art making, working on my jewelry, pottery and painting a new series of paintings for a winter collection of blank greeting cards.  I always think I will have everything ready NEXT year and I won't be rushing but I am always coming up with something fabulous at the last minute and want to make lots of THAT for this years sale.  This year I decided to make a simple hammered hoop pendants with sari silk tassels and organic stone bead necklaces, which I knotted on waxed linen which I love.  I did them in both patinaed copper and in sterling silver.  I thought I would make one or two but after I made the first one I was amazed at how much I loved the way they looked even for their simplicity.  I ended up making lots...glad that I did I am almost sold out at both of my galleries.  I plan on making more for gifts and some to put in my etsy shop which I plan to re-open ASAP after the holiday. For now I am going to post select items on Instagram so find me there at  

A  Small Slice of the 2016 Wesleyan Potters Sale

The sale at my co-op Wesleyan Potters is in full swingand as always getting it all in place is a huge undertaking of many people working hard towards a common goal.  We take our entire studio apart and turn it into a beautiful gallery once a year and it takes the work of the entire membership to pull it off.  This years theme is Starlight Winter Bright and the sale is really beautiful with lots of gorgeous art from our members and outside artists. 

Two new Outside Artists to our sale this year.  Lexi Axon a fabulous artist, painter, teacher and printmaker and Toni Schiano's home raised Llama wool are both fine additions to our sale.

I am very happy to say the artists I invited this year seem to be doing well and I just love seeing the work displayed.    You can visit through December 11th at Wesleyan Potters, 350 South Main Street, Middletown, CT. We also have a large extended gallery shop through December 24th. Please call 860-347-5925 if you are in Connecticut and want to stop or visit us online anytime to find out more about our classes and programs here

Watercolor and Pastel  - A favorite painting by one of my kindergarten students.  It captures the feel of winter with its cool colors and the crystalized salt used on the painting  almost looks like frost...LOVE


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